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Industrial Apron

  • Item number:17-3 #
  • Certificate: EN 343 3-1
  • Fabric description: 300 m/g2 PVC-coated polyester, 70% PVC/30% polyester.  
  • Water resistance: 15,000 mm. Read about hydrostatic head here
  • Size: M - 2XL (115cm. 120cm. 125cm. 130cm.)
  • Colours: Olive (2), white (4), royal blue (12)
The apron Industrial from Ocean is made from a soft and pliable fabric that ensures maximum of movement and flexibility. The Ocean PVC apron is provided with a double reinforced front panel, adjustable neck closure and tie string closure in the waist. 

Available in the colours white, royal blue and olive green.
Also suitable for: Agriculture, Fishing and Work. 

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